Business Strategy and Dynamic Scenario Planning

Our principal coach Dr. Gary Tsu uses his experience in education, technology and leadership to help clients in their projects and business ventures.

As a certified facilitator for Lego Serious Play methods for business envisioning and project strategy, he helps teams to dream up dynamic strategic plans to achieve their business or organisational outcomes in a rapidly changing world.

He offers his insights and wisdom to his clients as part of the team facilitation process that really involves fun hands-on sessions of play with Lego bricks he owns that are uniquely packaged for Lego Serious Play.

He will help his clients see from macro to micro perspectives and vice versa, working on every layer of strategy with tools and concepts from Learning Organisation and Blue Ocean.

Do contact us at or visit CHRYL Global Ventures Pte Ltd to find out more and to engage his services for consulting and team workshops.


There are various crossroads or junctures in life where you need a coach:

Purpose – life as a journey

  • Choosing an educational pathway or career step

  • Making a career switch

  • Going through a mid-life crisis

  • Knowing my true value or personal identity

People – life as making connections

  • Going into a relationship

  • Improving on a personal or work relationship

  • Finding or deciding on a life partner

  • Improving my influence

Plan – life as service

  • Starting a new venture or business

  • Making a business decision

  • Improving my performance and effectiveness at work

  • Achieving my outcomes

Our principal coach Dr. Gary Tsu has earned his accreditation of Associate Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation (ICF).  He uses his experiences, wisdom and foresight to ask powerful questions and guide his clients forward to take steps towards desired outcomes. Our coach is also a certified facilitator and administrator for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI, he uses individual detailed profiling to help clients understand their strengths, weaknesses and deeply held values.

Helping people grow themselves or their businesses has become a passion for our coach.

Do contact us at or visit CHRYL Global Ventures Pte Ltd to find out more and to engage his services for coaching as well as personality profiling for individuals and teams.


For greater professional success and for fulfillment in all aspects of your life, people go to our associate CHRYL Global Ventures Pte Ltd. 

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